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miracle girl! :-D
i spoke to my boss and no worries on me losing my job, he says im doing well and take off what i need so trying to take just one day off. i hope that will make pain less, healing faster and will be enough to get by. i am greedy now, i want to be able to afford PD pads so i can sk8 when i can sk8 but i need 2 jobs 4 that really. not sure but injury might just be from direct impact since it was shattered? i might need to tell dr. how it happened so he can advice me here. i think i can sew my bf's old PD elbows for a bit though.

i look forward to walk tomorrow and make food and sleep. i think walking is good for circulation. i should start sit ups i think but not fun lol. i think until its one bone i will be in pain. the percocet doesnt help pain more nor make me high, bummer lol. glad i still watch skn, actually learning from just watching and i enjoy that! now i can dream about sk8n again and it will be MORE fun. :-D i keep hoping to see robert do a flip here for my fun!!

but i think i need to be honest w/ dr. how i did it to find out what i can do to prevent/lessen injury.: : knowing i AM healing is such a relief, financial too!
: I believe everyone visiting this forum is relieved, too, after knowing what you have already been through.
: : Aug. 15th will be a good day. i will have more movement i hope and more activity. everything i can do now is very exciting and i am proud of even the simple things i accomplish now.
: Every little progress is a joy. And we value what we have much more once it had been lost and re-gained.
: : i thought my body was old but its doing an amazing job staying young for me.
: It seems that roller skating keeps you young.
: : i wish i could work more but the end is soon.
: Don't overdo it. It will be soon enough that you capabilities are back 100 percent.
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