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h.ludi. (pictures by h.ludi.)
miracle girl! :-D
: : : i dont get top shelf either lol.
: :
: : Then it's probably an in-joke between Ludi and people who have been visiting him.
: :
top shelf = whisky, vodka, etc.

: : : Bernhard, i hope to win lottery 1 day so i can visit germany and sk8 w/ you and we can share war wounds. i have learned lots, how to eat better 4 my health and appreciate things more.
: :
isnt it funny how how us germans get stuck together?
its cool down here, still getting some rolls in.
joe + me just got home from seeing d e v o , it was rad.
all the best everyone, cheers, h .

: : That would be nice. We do not have concrete parks around here but I could show you the ramps I skate.
: :
: : Maybe we need to hurt ourselves once in a while to learn to be modest.
: well think ive done my time, i certainly will charish every time i sk8 from now on! but ive never been 2 germany so i would love to see where i come from 1 day too. i would enjoy sk8n any ramp w/ u! i hope next yr i will see another vert sk8r sk8. i am not sure how long this will take 2 heal but i think the longboard w/ a stick will b my fun this year. the bowls might have 2 wait a bit. im learning patience..... and my left knee still aches from oct. but i can fully use it so maybe just pt for that too.
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