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claudine (videos by claudine) (pictures by claudine)
miracle girl! :-D
i dont get top shelf either lol. at home another shelf in my apt. just broke and dishes broke into sink but this time it didnt smash my face. :-D my spirits r up!!

Bernhard, i hope to win lottery 1 day so i can visit germany and sk8 w/ you and we can share war wounds. i have learned lots, how to eat better 4 my health and appreciate things more.

: : : : keep your spirits up. i mean spirits high not top shelf.
: : : That was difficult to understand but I think I've got it.
: :
: : glad you're on the mend. downtime can be enlightening. don't fret, you'll be back on in no time.
: Indeed. You put more value to things you took for granted if you have to re-acquire them.
: : bern, you play a mean waltz, eh? happy u r healing well, too.
: That's for sure ... ;-)
: : ...hey, what's wrong with top shelf?
: Hm, I think he meant shelf is wrong no matter which. It doesn't help if it's the top one.
: : how's winter downunder?
: Melbourne is probably worst just after Tasmania, but a lot better than Freiburg or New York.
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