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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
miracle girl! :-D
: : : keep your spirits up. i mean spirits high not top shelf.
: : That was difficult to understand but I think I've got it.
: glad you're on the mend. downtime can be enlightening. don't fret, you'll be back on in no time.

Indeed. You put more value to things you took for granted if you have to re-acquire them.

: bern, you play a mean waltz, eh? happy u r healing well, too.

That's for sure ... ;-)

: ...hey, what's wrong with top shelf?

Hm, I think he meant shelf is wrong no matter which. It doesn't help if it's the top one.

: how's winter downunder?

Melbourne is probably worst just after Tasmania, but a lot better than Freiburg or New York.
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