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ok, how long?
well im asking this week lol! i feel ok, so its odd to be doing nothing when many times i sk8ed in pain. all this sitting is driving me nuts so ive been up and about, so now since i lost all my muscles my low back aches a touch lol. i need to move and do something.

thanx for being a good sport and listening to my crap. im healing now im sure, just a little antsy.

: You could ask your doctor, but then you know what he would say. If you don't fall, then you should be ok. I guess you need to ask yourself if it is worth the risk? I personally am a big whoose.
: : i can walk and squat onto my knees w/out putting my hands down and sit comfortably on my heels and then stand up again hands free. so same movement as sliding low on my knee pads. of course, cast up lol! w/in 2 weeks, legitimately my hip is healed. would a little spin w/ the old folks at the rink be so bad lol? i know, im so freakin annoying. cant help it if i miss my sk8s obsessively so.... i have no idea after a bone is "healed" be4 its really healed. if u wanna ignore me, i totally understand. i have days where i struggle remembering what patience is.
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