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ok, how long?
stretching would feel awesome on my arm if only it wasnt encased lol.

saw knee doc. seems like my right knee was just tendonitis. so at least knees/hips i will be able to go back to full activity, no problems. i will call tomorrow to see if insurance is for each body part or what. if so i can start PT for knee, if not i can start doing same exercises i remember at home. good, i need to burn off energy! also today my low back doesnt ache. must be an old age thing lol.

more stretching. doc said no snowboarding, no unicycling, sk8n, and everything else fun in the world, not yet but later.

good news is that SOON i can ride a regular bike outside. hopefully soon is like a couple weeks lol. im so jealous of u guys, have fun for me!

: I'm a big fan of STRETCHING.....everyone....STRETCHING.
: Animals stretch all the time, many times a day....if nothing else, stretch and keep flexible and limber, even if you sit on your arse all day...get up and stretch. OK, nuff said, plus I agree with Bernhard and Jay. okay, I'm done. g-nite.
: : : thanx, tomorrow i see the knee dr. and will ask if i can do PT because between the knee, arm and hip, ive been unable to do anything. and i lose muscle so quick. and chocolate sends me bouncing off the walls lol. im sure doing laundry up 2 flights of stairs doesnt help. hot bath just now feels good tho! sorry, i have too much energy and time.
: : :
: : : : : well im asking this week lol! i feel ok, so its odd to be doing nothing when many times i sk8ed in pain. all this sitting is driving me nuts so ive been up and about, so now since i lost all my muscles my low back aches a touch lol. i need to move and do something.
: : : :
: : : : Claudine, you need to exercise to rebuild your muscles! But you also need to not endanger your bones while they aren't back to their strength and while you don't have muscles to protect them. Therefore you need to be careful. Do nothing what your doctors don't allow you. But by all means, do what is allowed to you to regain strength.
: :
: : Claudine,
: : I TOTALLY agree with Bernard here. As much as I know you want to get back out there, you can't do it at the unneccessary expense of your body. That's not a good plan ever. Take your time, get your strength up. Build muscle, get your reflexes back. That all takes time. Different amounts for different people, but it always takes time.
: : Get Well. Good Luck with the Dr....
: : Jay
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