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ok, how long?
I know everyone is saying to do what the doctors tell you. In fact, I am very careful when it comes to healing. I took two years off the last time I hurt my knee with two #1 tears in two knee ligaments. I waited till I felt it was strong enough before skating again.

With that said, I do not always think doctors are always right. They never agree with any homeopathic assistance. They would tell you to never agro skate if you would listen! And people do not always heal at the same rates. In my opinion, there is a lot of value in healing through 'doing'.

In doing, I mean getting back into skating. But, keep in mind that your body is healing from some serious trauma. Start back into skating as if you never knew how! Start out retraining, and rebuilding, your muscles by getting the basics down first. Skate a big flat open area with no obstacles - not a rink loaded with people. Wear pads, and only do the basics to start. I would say you should do this until you can go all directions, and do foot over foot through curves, without any physical problems before doing anything more serious.

I would also suggest supplements for your bones and muscles. Calcium, chondroitin, glucosamine, MSM, bromine, etc.. Anything and everything that doesn't hurt you, but can only help you, is worth checking into.

Besides skating, of course, do strengthening exercises and stretches. Go slow, be careful, and good healing!!


: i can walk and squat onto my knees w/out putting my hands down and sit comfortably on my heels and then stand up again hands free. so same movement as sliding low on my knee pads. of course, cast up lol! w/in 2 weeks, legitimately my hip is healed. would a little spin w/ the old folks at the rink be so bad lol? i know, im so freakin annoying. cant help it if i miss my sk8s obsessively so.... i have no idea after a bone is "healed" be4 its really healed. if u wanna ignore me, i totally understand. i have days where i struggle remembering what patience is.
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