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Site-Name suggestion
I want to finish my t-shirts and want a better name too. The problem with 8 wheel names is that it doesnt differ rollerskates from blades. I like origin8 a touch better since it hints on how we came first. I just want a good name for my t-shirts myself that refer to just rollerskates. I guess its because when I say rollerskating people go oh, inlines. NO!

: Hi all,
: some time ago, we had a big discussion for a site name for this here vertical roller skating site. obviously is a bit unwieldy and I think the most prominent suggestion back then was origin8. I do like this name, but it's connection to roller skating is not as strong as I would like.
: Now I've got another idea: What about
: How do you like this? Would it be a problem that it can be confused with which is already taken by something useless?
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