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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
: I like this name...

It is a good name: It is short and it has the connection to our activity.

I do not very much like terms like 'aggressive', 'extreme', 'quads'.

The term 'quads' to me came from inline to distinguish roller skating from inline skating. Before the inline boom, roller skating was an unambiguous term. But our roots are much earlier and deeper than the 1990s. Also, the term 'aggressive' came into being with inline skating. The connection with inline skating is sometimes problematic, sometimes it is very friendly (like in Spain). However, I firmly believe that we should be proud of our own culture. This should be friendly and tolerant towards other riders using the same terrain (the terrain probably wouldn't exist if there were only roller skaters), but to us, inlines aren't "the real skates", like many of us are being told again and again. Our skates are our skates and they are at least as "real" as everybody else's skates.
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