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Site-Name suggestion
: Hi all,
: some time ago, we had a big discussion for a site name for this here vertical roller skating site. obviously is a bit unwieldy and I think the most prominent suggestion back then was origin8. I do like this name, but it's connection to roller skating is not as strong as I would like.
: Now I've got another idea: What about
: How do you like this? Would it be a problem that it can be confused with which is already taken by something useless?

Hi Bernard. I missed out on earlier site-name discussions. I have to say that if we're thinking about a site-name change we need to make sure there's something in the name that suggests what we do. Vertical, extreme, aggressive, etc. Otherwise, we're lumped in with jam-skaters (dancers on sk8s) & rink skaters. Not that I have anything against them. (Well, maybe the jam-skaters..LOL!) But, we're as Brother Duke's Company name says a "Dying Breed". There are so few of us skating pools, vert, mini on rollerskates. I mean, God Bless Bernard & the Vert Forum, but even with this incredible tool there are a couple handfuls of us. The name should suggest that. I'll be thinking of ideas over the next few days...I always liked the Vert-Skating-Forum....
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