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Site-Name suggestion
: Hi all,
: some time ago, we had a big discussion for a site name for this here vertical roller skating site. obviously is a bit unwieldy and I think the most prominent suggestion back then was origin8. I do like this name, but it's connection to roller skating is not as strong as I would like.
: Now I've got another idea: What about
: How do you like this? Would it be a problem that it can be confused with which is already taken by something useless?

I definitely like the direction you're going, Bernard. We've got alot of history. Rollerskates were around before skateboards & scooters, not to mention inlines! But, as you said, without those 'newer' sports we would never have the facilities @ our disposal all over the Globe that we all enjoy. So, I haven't anything against them either. I think we all have a certain amount of pride in the fact that we go our own way though. I'd love to see RollerSkate or RollerSK8 in the name somewhere......& of course I LOVE Vert, so that'd be cool too. I know what you mean about the word "quad" though. No offense to Gambin intended. But I never heard that word til rollerblades came out & didn't understand it then either. I mean most stock blades had 4 wheels per skate too, didn't they? So why were we, rollerskaters now 'quads"?? I didn't get that. Still don't.
I kinda liked Ludi's suggestion though. LOL! Bumzaskate?? or something....hilarious.....
Hope all's well in Deutchland.......
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