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h.ludi. (pictures by h.ludi.)
Site-Name suggestion
: I'm enjoying the last few weeks of having 2 channels and they had the winter Xgames on. So we could use X something if you wanted to refer to vert/extreme. I'm not good at names, just the pictures. Just something for others to start from.
: : : I wasn't suggesting biting Duke's name,
: :
: : Oh no, I didn't understand it this way. I just wanted to express that I like Duke's name.
: :
: : : I just meant we needed something that reflects our passion.
: :
: : It's not really a necessity. If you think of great brand names, they seldom reflect what the company is doing.
: :
: : : Not just for 8 Wheels, but for doing things on 8 wheels that most people never imagine.
: :
: : That's really tough.

when joe and i were young, way back when j.c. played full back for nazareth, we used to call it rubzaskating so we didnt get muddled up with skateboarding, as we did both disiplines back then.
sounded silly then, come to think of it, still sounds quite silly.
how about vertikal rollschuhe mit steroids.
well thats my 2 bobs worth.
cheers , h .

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