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more time :-(
I saw my arm dr. yesterday. My arm is only 90-95% healed and will take a full year (from last surgery) to be 100%. So he told me I cannot skate outside til May (or maybe June) 1st. I will have surgery in May to get the stimulator out and for my elbow so I get more movement but he cannot do much for my wrist. I cant bend it enough yet to do push ups yet. And no help on muscle spasms. He said they will go away. They are driving me NUTS. The sore spot on my bone is the end of the plate which he cant remove til 16 months after the surgery. So I'm not sure if I can ride easy (carve) the baby bowls in May or not. I guess I wont be able to do anything serious til November. This is a loooong time!! Why does everyone else with a break start doing crazy stuff 2 months later?????
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