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more time :-(
Not bad enough, 2 years? To me that is very extreme!!!! Wow, really PT strengthens in a safe way. If you can do it at all, do it. It will hasten the recovery time remarkably. Some pain is good and needed to recovery, other is detrimental but a PT can tell you what to do. I'm sure if you went 2 weeks and continued on your own, you would have been back in 4 months. If your Dr. doesnt recommend PT this time, find another!! My leg became an inch smaller just weeks after the surgery. Strength, mobility, all goes fast after an injury.

: Yes. No. I had a MRI in order to discover the 2 tears. It wasn't bad enough for PT according to the doctor. He just suggested rest and caution. However, I wait tables and am on my feet every day. I could feel weakness in my knees for some time.
: I had a friend who went back to skating before he was healed, and he blew his knee out immediately! Since then, I'm overly cautious. Since then, my knee has felt as strong as it ever had, until my latest injury. :( I'm still sitting here with my brace on ......waiting.....
: : I dont understand how a ligament tear can take 2 years to heal. I havent heard of anyone taking that much time off. Did you see a Dr? Do PT? Even with my arm/knee, it helps healing to exercise it. I just cant take any hard falls on it for awhile. I am aloud to skate in the rink. If I just went to the ramps once I'm healed 100%, I would definitely get hurt as my muscles, ligaments and tendons would not be strong for it. Exercise increases circulation and helps it to heal. The spasms I'm getting are from using it and will only go away from using it/breaking down the scar tissue.
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