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more time :-(
At least I started a painting finally last night, but the spasms make it difficult to do my work. The pains in my hip will go away too he said but all this takes time. I wish he could help me more with my wrist but I guess that is just hard work on my part and luck.

I am wondering how strong is 90-95%? I have learned that falling can be planned! Its just knowing the correct way to fall. I fell off the unicycle yesterday. The cranks got stuck perpendicular to the ground and wouldnt move. I guess because its a small uni and the cranks are tiny and choppy. So it threw me back. It felt like a long time for the fall. All I could think of was pick a cheek and arms up to sky. My butt is sore as I hit my sit bone. Probably should have let my elbows down too to take up some impact but I dont think my hands will touch the ground anymore or get near it for awhile lol. I am wondering if skating on a flat area on the street is really that bad? I know now my arm wont hit the ground. I will bust my butt or shoulder first. I am so tired of watching skating and not doing it. But it looks like I can speed skate with the inliners again and maybe I'll enjoy that for a bit. But its not the same. I am impatient and spoiled lol. Robert started skating 3 months after he broke his elbow! Not fair!! Now my primary Dr. wants me to have all these tests because I'm old and of age. I dont like going to Drs lol.

: : I saw my arm dr. yesterday. My arm is only 90-95% healed and will take a full year (from last surgery) to be 100%.
: That's not so nice but it's still good that your arm has been mended. Just imagine the shape it was in last summer.
: : And no help on muscle spasms. He said they will go away. They are driving me NUTS.
: I had a similar problem with my leg. Severe pain in the upper part, far away from the tear in the tendon. It resulted from walking about for two month before the surgery. Wrong load on the muscle cramped it severely. It also drove me nuts, but it is gone now. What helped a lot was additional physiotherapy for my cramped muscle.
: : Why does everyone else with a break start doing crazy stuff 2 months later?????
: Hey, not everyone! It's just that severe injuries take time and that we are very lucky that modern medicine can put us in shape again. It's not so long ago that the likes of you and me would have been crippled for life.
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