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more time :-(
I dont understand how a ligament tear can take 2 years to heal. I havent heard of anyone taking that much time off. Did you see a Dr? Do PT? Even with my arm/knee, it helps healing to exercise it. I just cant take any hard falls on it for awhile. I am aloud to skate in the rink. If I just went to the ramps once I'm healed 100%, I would definitely get hurt as my muscles, ligaments and tendons would not be strong for it. Exercise increases circulation and helps it to heal. The spasms I'm getting are from using it and will only go away from using it/breaking down the scar tissue.

: You just said why......they are "crazy"!
: Me, I wait till I'm good and well healed before I get back up on my skates. I want to be skating till my last breath. If that means healing, so be it. It isn't worth it to go back too early and destroy yourself to the point where ever skating again is totally out of the question.
: The last time I injured my leg, I waited 2 years before hitting my skates again. I had 2 #1 tears in the left knee ligaments. They weren't major tears, but I could feel them. So, I waited until my knee felt strong. It was SO worth the wait!
: : Why does everyone else with a break start doing crazy stuff 2 months later?????
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