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boot problems, need help
I hate to admit this, but I really dont like my hockey boots. I have narrow feet except my toe box, and the heel and toes in these hockey boots are moving all over the place. I have no support at the heel so now that I'm trying to carve on the ramps, its not fun. My feet move and my boots dont go with them like I like and there is zero mobility. Also the high boot is very rigid so I cant bend well nor can I lace them up high since then I cant bend my ankle at all to bend my knees. I have a pair of 297 Riedell art skates and on the verge of taking them to the skatepark (these fit great!) but besides the fact I cant afford to ruin those, the heel is too high I think.

So what types of speed boots have people used and like? I am thinking of riedell 125, 265, 595 and 695. Leaning towards 265 since the 125 is less supportive, dont think I want zero heel and the 695 is pricey. I'm too scared to try carreras since I seem to have feet that fit nothing and those wont cradle the foot unless you have a certain foot. I have no confidence anymore that my foot will fit anything seriously rigid and I have had no luck with cheap boots either. I want something with the most support, mostly arch and definitely heel, but will also hold up. I want to start skating the bowls nearby! I need to move and right now I cant move well, my feet hurt, my fingers hurt from trying to lace them tighter and tighter and now I have 10 mm of insoles in them lol. No joke. Just put another one in today so that my feet stop sliding around when I skate.

I'm hoping for an early birthday/Christmas present but I cant afford to mess up anymore.

Can I cut the top off with a razor blade? I'm serious about this one. If I can move, maybe they will do for awhile. If I beat them with a mallet, will the sides soften up? I'm desparate......... I want to carve!
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