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hockey boots in water?
: A couple things to try first. Head down to the thrift shops (Sally Ann, Goodwill, Valu Village, etc.) and find a pair of $5.00 plastic shell inlines with liners that fit you. Put the liners in your quads and try them on. If they're too tight in the toes, cut the toe area of the liners back a little at a time till you find the spot where things fit comfy. They may seem a little warm at first but you get used to it (it does get hot here in Canada too). New aggro liners go for $40 to $75 a pair so you don't want to be slicing up new ones.
: Don't cut your skates down. You'll destroy them. There's plastic and nylon and foam that will turn into a big mess. You don't need to tie them all the way to the top. Ice and inline hockey skates are not meant to bend sideways like quad boots need to so there's no way they'll be comfortable done up to the top. Just up to the ankle bone is plenty. If you switched to speed boots that's as high as they would go anyway.
There arent many skates in the thrift stores around here. Not that I've seen but its worth a shot. MD isnt for skating unfortunately. I"m planning to move one day, maybe LA it seems. But I just dont have lots of free time to shop around either nor do I care for the crowds. I might be the only female to say this but I dont like shopping. boring, boring, boring.

Would dipping my boots in water help to soften them up? Its an idea that was passed to me. Seems like I might have my hands on some speed boots though!
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