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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Good luck?
: Oh wow, lucky stickers? Those are supposed to make you skate faster, higher and better right? ;-D I would love those.

Jepp. They will make you fly!

: Well, stickers for this site would be cool too!!

Well, once I have a decent name and logo, I might spring some bucks to get some stickers produced. But don't count on it. It hasn't happened in 8 years.

: Vertical roller skating, I hope, gets popular one day.

It already is by far more popular than I thought when I launched my first web page. Back then I thought I was the only roller skater surviving the inline boom,

: I'm really happy there is such a site.

I'm really happy about all those nice and crazy roller skaters out there. You people are the greatest!
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