Vertical Rollerskating


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claudine (videos by claudine) (pictures by claudine)
Good luck?

: Jepp. They will make you fly!
Fly? COOL!

: It already is by far more popular than I thought when I launched my first web page. Back then I thought I was the only roller skater surviving the inline boom,

I still feel like I'm the only human being alive that isnt afraid of roller skates and falling and having fun. I'm glad this site is here! If it werent for the Internet, I wouldnt have had any idea how much fun I could have. One day I hope to see another roller skater outside the rink. Still yet, not one person have I seen outside. Guaranteed friend for life at first roll!!
: I'm really happy about all those nice and crazy roller skaters out there. You people are the greatest!

Roller skaters rock! :-D
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