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boot problems, need help
: You could try wearing a pair of aggro inline skate liners inside your boots, if they're really too big for you. That would pad things up a lot.

Would that be seriously hot? Its a 100 degrees here. Right now I have my thick orthotics plus 2 insoles in each skate to take up some width space but they still dont fit my heel well. It can still move and I dont like that. Can I cut the top off? I'm serious. I cant stand the rigidity of the tall boot. I dont have them laced on top so it just restricts me from moving. I really want to skate the bowls now and I dont like the lack of movement when I try to carve. Its OK if I just go straight up and down. I'm used to my art boots which hug my feet but I still had ankle mobility. How much do you think I could get for those on ebay? My brother said to do that. Man, I'm so mad at myself for messing up! The more I skate, the less I like the boots. They were OK when I couldnt do much. Wish I new how I could move in them.
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