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hockey boots in water?
: :
: : Would dipping my boots in water help to soften them up?
: :
: In a word, no.

Hey, that 2 nos! ;-D OK, thanks. Maybe take a mallet to it lol? I guess I've got to accept that hockey boots are built straight, bulky, non conforming and wide and my feet are curvy, narrow and not accepting of rigidity lol. I've got stubborn womans feet!! Even with all those insoles in them, since they dont conform nor cradle my feet, I have about as much support in my heels and ankles as if I were skating in chucks. There's a ton of movement in my heels. It really can roll a lot. But I guess if I were to get in a bad crash sideways, the rigid sides would prevent a total break. I just never crashed sideways really. I'll keep an eye out for liners. Maybe I'll be lucky. Thats probably the best solution besides ebay.
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