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skate weight?
I think I mis weighed. The plate with the 2 bases is 2 ounces more for each plate compared to the plastic probe plate, thats it. The hangers are about 3 ounces more, so its 5 ounces more I think. So its really the hangers that weigh more so this might be lighter or same as if I got the wide ramp trucks.

: Joe just got me to thinking. Will the extra 1/2 lb of weight affect my skating/jumping ability? I think Lisa mentioned she tires out quicker. So if thats it, I need the exercise anyway lol. But will it affect my ability to jump too? Until I skate on them I wont know. I do know that when I went from skinny trucks to narrow ramp trucks, the weight didnt affect me. I think this is the best set up I can go with, least I hope so! I guess they are going to be heavy no matter what? My sliders are not set in stone yet either so I can play with a lighter set up there too. Just again, the only light option are the jump bars and they suck.
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