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skate weight?
This shit has been going on since before the wheel was invented.Black, white,yellow,gays,straight,boy girl,old,young,bmx,skateboarder,inliner,rollerskater,old school,new school,punk,metal,rasta,homeboy,jock,fat,skinny
spastic,nimfomaniac,tall,short,carnies,circumsized,inward belly button,outward belly button,bikers,hot rodders and red heads and you know what the common denominator is??????
there are fuckwits and cool folk in every sub group and the opinion of a either is valid,but take what you can use and leave the rest behind..But you dont need to prove yourself to anyone.Give the respect you'd like to recieve and you will recieve it tenfold.
So end todays sermon,

peace,love and rollerskate building,


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