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skate weight?
I am guessing these are young kids who don't know much. I personally don't like all of the negative things I hear about inline skaters, but it seems they are bringing it on themselves. I was a sponsored inline skater before it was really big. Actually, it was pretty big, but the people that did it were pretty cool and oldschool rollerskaters. I skated with the original Rollerblade crew and I was sponsored by Bauer. I guess I always have been a minority. I don't know what the inline kids are doing these days, but I know the skateboarders respect us rollerskaters and I don't think the inliners have much credibility. There are some amazing inline skaters out there, but they have not been through what we have been through. We are the true innovators of eight wheel skating and I am proud to be apart of our community. If they give you shit, then just say Fred Blood and Duke Rennie. They may get that, but they would never realize how many of us really influenced this sport.

: This is more important then the olympics! I've got a few inliners that think my skates arent aggressive skates. So if I can jump/slide a rail, I will make them EAT their words lol. Whats better then dat?
: And the deal is, I weigh as much as your left leg lol, so gotta watch the weight. But I will skate on them and just get stronger. Been lifting and went up in weight in 6 exercises today so I'm doing awesome he said! :-D In another week or two hes starting me on plyos. Yep, my little legs will JUMP lol.
: : As usual, this is way over my head. It sounds like you are talking about some olympic race like swimming or running where seconds mean so much. Give me some skates to wear and I will skate. lol
: :
: :
: : : : Sorry Claudine, didn't mean to get you worried about the weight,lighter is better but a bit of weight aint such a bad thing on a ramp,I dont know about street,,I can hardly stand up on skates off a ramp.
: : : : I just had another look at those bases,,are they an ally/wood sandwich like the original tracker ones,,might not be that heavy after all.They definately will look awsome and will be good to skate.Do you use the rubber thing on the front,if you ditch it,it would save some weight and you could move your front truck more forward for more grinding room.
: : : :
: : : : cheers joe
: : :
: : : I already took the stoppers off since they get in the way of the humps. The plates with bases weigh only 2 ounces more then the plastic probe plate. The trucks weigh 3 ounces more then the narrow ramp trucks but that would happen no matter which direction I went since I want skateboard wheels. Some more bolts at ?? Then the sliders, dont know but I will have them hollowed out. I dont think the inline frame idea would work out light since its low and would need a boost. There isnt a good lightweight slider idea. I'm not sure that rail idea would be lighter and it wouldnt be better.
: : :
: : : I will stick with it. Later I will put on lighter wheels. Right now I want speed (64mm wheels) cause the small sticky outdoor wheels I had keep me from going past the coping. Later I want good bearings too! I want to be able to jump rails, thats why the worry. And I am not heavy so weight means more to me I think. That will shut up all the inliners teasing me. But airs are more important to me. So fast comes first right now.
: : :
: : : My bases are plastic though. The kingpin is encased in them. Are there plastic bases with kingpins in them if this ever breaks? I have holes drilled in the center to mount which would be very difficult if it were metal. If I had to mount where the normal bolts are, it wouldnt work out. I have 3 holes on each side of the truck. I dont think I will drill more holes cause if I ever do a different set up, I want to send them back cause these are not made anymore. These should be ridden for sure! The wheelbase is a 1/4 inch longer then my last plates so its good placement for me as is.
: : :
: : : I will stick lifting weights to get strong! I think this is the best set up I could ask for without spending tons of money for a plastic plate/sliders specially made. I cant wait to test it out lol! Woo-hoo!! :-D I'm sure I'll be the happiest woman on the planet. The skateboarders will love me too cause I will be like them now.
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