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skate weight?
: The inliners are clueless about roller skaters! They think these are disco skates.

As I already mentioned, I had this same experience in January with the mother of the best vert skateboarder hereabouts. I really was infuriated! It just doesn't help. If they aren't able to recognized that your skates aren't disco skates (or figure skates, or hockey skates, or speed skates, ...) then who has got a problem? I think it's their categories that are weak!

: Its really only one inliner that gives me a hard time but a few will knock my skates asking me when I am going to get REAL skates.

If people insist on being stupid the only thing you can do is ignore them. Heck, the only reason he has to think his skates are "real" is because they are "norm".
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