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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
: Hey, I just want them to respect the ol mighty rollerskate! Yeah, KISS it buddy lol! No malice here but they will have to shut their traps soon and bow to my babies lol. Hey, so far the talk is almost done since the ramps are no hinder to my skates now, one rail and they will be chomping on those words big time. :-D Even so, they are opening up the competition categories to allow me to compete now. So I think thats victory in itself!

Indeed. But I would also say that it is very nice of them to let you participate. The skaters at your place seem to be quite a tolerant bunch. I often had worse experiences. So it seems that you already won a lot of respect. You won't be able to please everybody all the time so just stay true to yourself. In this way you will also attract people who want to stay true to themselves. Which is better than being everybody's darling.

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