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skate weight?
: I am guessing these are young kids who don't know much. I personally don't like all of the negative things I hear about inline skaters, but it seems they are bringing it on themselves. I was a sponsored inline skater before it was really big. Actually, it was pretty big, but the people that did it were pretty cool and oldschool rollerskaters. I skated with the original Rollerblade crew and I was sponsored by Bauer. I guess I always have been a minority. I don't know what the inline kids are doing these days, but I know the skateboarders respect us rollerskaters and I don't think the inliners have much credibility. There are some amazing inline skaters out there, but they have not been through what we have been through. We are the true innovators of eight wheel skating and I am proud to be apart of our community. If they give you shit, then just say Fred Blood and Duke Rennie. They may get that, but they would never realize how many of us really influenced this sport.
The inliners are clueless about roller skaters! They think these are disco skates. So I want to show them that these skates can rock!! I try to keep peace amongst all. We are all there for the same reason. The riff is lame. I think it has to do with the inliners thinking they are superior, yet you go to the magazine rack or TV, you will see skateboarders. So they think they are all that since they get recognition. I guess thats the problem. I'm just in it for the roll so I dont care if you are riding a tricycle or scooter lol. Really...... Just dont stand there in my way or run me over and I'm cool.

I fit in better with the skateboarders though. But I do have inline buddies too! Its really only one inliner that gives me a hard time but a few will knock my skates asking me when I am going to get REAL skates. So yes, feel like I need to disprove that these skates cant grind in a big way.
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