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Tobi (pictures by Tobi)
[my new skates] trucks

Hi all

I just received the set of four Gullwing Shadows
I ordered a while ago.

They have custom dimensions; here's some data to compare:
Please post any missing bits or corrections. For example I'd be
interested in the heights of the Indies and Trackers.

If you think they might fit you, ask at
Lisa, perhaps they are candidates as options for the new vert
skates you are planning to offer in your store?

The trucks look OK, now I need nice plates.

Do I wait for Lisa's vert skates?
Perhaps she will offer separate plates in her store ...
Do I wait for Brian's skates?
Not sure about the time frame ...
Perhaps I could ask Lee if he could make a pair of plates for me?
His prototypes definitely look nice . . .
Should I make my own?
Might be a good idea, but I lack some tools ...

Time and $s, always two of the most important factors in such decisions :)
And I need shoes too ...


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