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[my new skates] trucks
: I see your point. But I often I cruise around, then find some stairs or banks where I might try jumps etc.

When I tried to create an allround skate, I used Krypto wheels with 93 A durometer. This was too hard for cruising and too soft for the ramp. In your situation I would definitely use soft wheels. I am curious regarding your experience with the other components. I'd also say that soft wheels are suitable for a bit of vert skating but wheels which are too hard aren't suitable for rough pavement.

: I want to avoid paying for two pairs, keeping to pairs fit, and carrying around the other pair while cruising or skating from spot to spot.

I never had a problem with that. I often skated to a ramp with my street skates, carrying my heavy bag with the vert equipment (which includes a heavy photo equipment).
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