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Tobi (pictures by Tobi)
[my new skates] trucks
> When I tried to create an allround skate, I used Krypto
> wheels with 93 A durometer. This was too hard for cruising
> and too soft for the ramp.

Yes, to a certain extent, this will always be the case with allround skates ...

> In your situation I would definitely use soft wheels.

Yes, I really like big soft wheels ... On my current pair I have 70 mm Kryptos
Very soft, very large, great for cruising.

They provide an extremely smooth ride on the streets, even on rougher surface. But they're quite heavy when jumping, and are slow in the ramp.

> I am
> curious regarding your experience with the other
> components.

Me too :)

> I'd also say that soft wheels are suitable for
> a bit of vert skating

Hard wheels are faster in the ramp. But in concrete parks, soft wheels are quite OK. My new wheels will be medium.

> but wheels which are too hard aren't
> suitable for rough pavement.

Definitely true.

>> I want to avoid paying for two pairs, keeping to pairs
>> fit, and carrying around the other pair while cruising or
>> skating from spot to spot.
> I never had a problem with that. I often skated to a ramp
> with my street skates, carrying my heavy bag with the vert
> equipment (which includes a heavy photo equipment).

I don't skate to one spot then stay there. I won't carry heavy vert skates on my poor back while crusing the streets all day, carving banks, and jumping stairs.

Anyways, now I have to develop a plan for the plates ...


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