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Tobi (pictures by Tobi)
[my new skates] trucks
> In my experience it's no good idea to try to build an
> allround skate. I once tried to build a skate for cruising
> the street and for riding vert and ended with something
> that wasn't suited to neither purpose. Optimize your tool
> for the task at hand!

I see your point. But I often I cruise around, then find some stairs or banks where I might try jumps etc.
I don't really do a lot of real vert skating, so I don't really need full allrounders. I do street skating (in both senses of the word: "aggressive" and cruising) and I want to avoid paying for two pairs, keeping to pairs fit, and carrying around the other pair while cruising or skating from spot to spot. My new pair might be a "vert skate which is also OK for street skating", while my current pair could be called a "'recreational' skate which also is OK for vert skating".

On the other hand, for someone who packs his stuff into a car and spends the day either at some skate park or cruising around, it makes a lot of sense to have two pairs. (if he can afford it ...)


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