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[my new skates] trucks
If you don't mind me asking, Tobi, how much did you pay for those custom made Gullwings? (US dollars)


Tobi wrote:
: Hi all
: I just received the set of four Gullwing Shadows
: I ordered a while ago.
: They have custom dimensions; here's some data to compare:
: Please post any missing bits or corrections. For example I'd be
: interested in the heights of the Indies and Trackers.
: If you think they might fit you, ask at
: Lisa, perhaps they are candidates as options for the new vert
: skates you are planning to offer in your store?
: The trucks look OK, now I need nice plates.
: Do I wait for Lisa's vert skates?
: Perhaps she will offer separate plates in her store ...
: Do I wait for Brian's skates?
: Not sure about the time frame ...
: Perhaps I could ask Lee if he could make a pair of plates for me?
: His prototypes definitely look nice . . .
: Should I make my own?
: Might be a good idea, but I lack some tools ...
: Time and $s, always two of the most important factors in such decisions :)
: And I need shoes too ...
: Tobi
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