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Tobi (pictures by Tobi)
[my new skates] trucks

Hi Irene

> I should be receiving (4) Indy 101mm, anyday now. I will
> measure them so we can compare. I will also measure my ACS
> 580s.

Great; I will add the data to The list might be useful for other rollerskaters too.

> I plan on mounting them to the Tracker plates after I cut
> them down to fit me. I think I will stick with the Riedell
> boots I'm riding now. I like them and the new ones have
> some trim colors added. I've been in contact with K2. I
> have a source for the Toecaps for those in Germany: see
> email response below:

Thanks! Some months ago, after we talked about the toe caps on your skates, I went to a local sporting goods store and ordered toe caps. They are for K2 inlines, Bob or Fatty I think, they might be the same type you have. So now I have a source, and I have various sizes of nice toe caps :)

> Any choice on a boot/shoe?

That's the hardest part. I'm not sure what I want: I'm not really doing a lot of vert (no nice skate parks in Berlin), and I'm still unsure if I should build a second pair as vert skate while keeping my current pair, or if I should try to build a new allround skate.

It's basically a choice between high/mid top sneakers and Riedell style boots or hockey boots.

Here are some sneaker collages:

I think that the best combination of comfort, ankle support, and ruggedness could be a mid top skateboard shoe.

The IPath Grasshopper for example could be a very nice rollerskate shoe. I like zebra and navy/white.

> How about a pic of those Gullwings?

Coming soon :)
Don't expect too much; it's mostly the dimensions that make them what I want.


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