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Tobi (pictures by Tobi)
Hi Rollerskaters

Hi Daniel

Thanks for sharing your story!

: So, here comes my story and some pictures of my skates:

I'm excited about the pics.

: I often read the discussions about the development of
: rollerskates but I share the opinion of Bernhard that there
: are a few people inventing, building, constructing
: rollerskates thereby forgetting skating!

True, but building skates is as bad as anything else keeping you from skating :)

Building skates doesn't necessarily keep people from skating, and isn't the only thing that can keep people from skating.

: I do not believe that you improve very much with better
: skates if you are only skating little.

Also true. Still I can't see what's wrong with developing, building, or improving skates :)

: Spent your time on your rollerskates, not under them!

I think people like Brian show that this is not an exclusive choice. He does both, better than most.

: Technical information: Trucks: Indy 101,
: Baseplate: part of a ski, cell blocks, ice hockey shoes,
: that's it.
: Also, I attached some other pictures. You can see obviously
: which ones I slamed and which not ;-)!

I didn't see any pics with the message :(


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