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Hi Rollerskaters
: : But I meet people who skate only a few times in the year,
: : but showed my their 6th version of skates -
: I think that's OK. There might even be people who build skates and don't skate at all; if that's what they enjoy doing then that's perfectly cool with me.

I think you shouldn't be offended by Daniel's statements. I understand what both of you say and both of you are quite right.

But maybe I can clarify Daniel's position a bit. We have both seen times when there was a small but functioning vert roller skating scene. There were quite some skaters who switched to inlines when the hype was big, which is perfectly fine with me (why not make some money off the hype if you are risking your bones?). And we both know some people who dropped out of skating because they went into developing mode and even stopped skating alltogether and consequently also stopped their development (why develop something that neither you nor someone else actually use?).

This way we lost quite some skating buddies. I think you better understand Daniel if I put it this way. I believe that you also enjoy the occasional exchange with other roller skaters or even skating together.

And I also believe that the perfect skate developer doesn't neccessarily skate at all (but works closely with the skaters). To compare this with guitars: I do not know of a good guitar maker who also plays the guitar well.
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