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Hi Rollerskaters

I am glad for every development of skates and I am absolutely fine if somebody only builds skates, only skates, or does both. The most important thing is having fun.
Maybe I am a little disappointed because the last 6 years I skated mainly alone (with other skateboarders, inliners, but no rollerskaters) - at contests and besides.
Last year I participated at the Green Ramp Jam, and I was very happy that Bernhard also took part in the contest - even though we both aren't the best skaters! It was fun! And people saw rollerskaters in the vert ramp besides inline-skaters! For these reasons I emphasized not to forget to skate by building rollerskates. There are other rollerskaters out there which would be happy to see more of their "species" - and the skating skill does not matter!
Build, skate, whatever, have fun.

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