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Tobi (pictures by Tobi)
Hi Rollerskaters

Hi Bernhard

> I think you shouldn't be offended by Daniel's statements.

But I am not offended in any way (and didn't say I would be). I'm merely stating my point of view, just as you and he did.

> And we both know some people who dropped out of skating
> because they went into developing mode and even stopped
> skating alltogether and consequently also stopped their
> development (why develop something that neither you nor
> someone else actually use?).

But then the problem is: not skating, not skating enough, or quitting skating altogether. Building skates is not a problem at all: they could have stopped skating because of any other reason or activity.

> I believe that you also enjoy the occasional exchange with
> other roller skaters or even skating together.

Sure, I didn't state the opposite.

And I'm also fine with anyone building skates as frequently and intensely as he/she chooses to, and I also enjoy seeing and discussing the details and results (and this sure doesn't necessarily keep them from skating, as many skaters demonstrate).

If someone stops skating that's sad, but you can't keep them from loosing interest or switching to other activities by telling them what to do or not to do (inspiring and respecting them helps more).

> And I also believe that the perfect skate developer doesn't
> neccessarily skate at all

I don't share that belief. I believe in respecting people, no matter if they just skate, build and skate, or just build, or do neither.

> To compare this with guitars: I do not know of a good
> guitar maker who also plays the guitar well.

I think soon you will see the result of a professional skater building great rollerskates.


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