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Tobi (pictures by Tobi)
Hi Rollerskaters

Hi Daniel

: But I meet people who skate only a few times in the year,
: but showed my their 6th version of skates -

I think that's OK. There might even be people who build skates and don't skate at all; if that's what they enjoy doing then that's perfectly cool with me.

: and, sorry, I
: don't want to appear arrogant, but in most cases I had no
: the impression that the people skated much better.

True. But they had fun building the skates, and are proud of them; nothing wrong with that :)

: I think we can only keep the vert-scene alive by skating,
: meeting at contests, showing the youth that their are
: alternatives to skateboards and inline-skates and
: whatever...and it is a very stylish alternative! ;-)

Those who have fun developing skates don't keep anyone from doing all this.

I see your points, but I think that everyone should do what floats his boat.
Developing skates doesn't hurt anyone :)
(... and sometimes even is an important part of "keeping the vert-scene alive")


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