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Vancouver Vert
D: : In 3 Months I am moving to Vancouver,
: : Canada, for a couple of years. I already visited the website of rollergirl! It seems that there are no
: : vert-ramps in Vancouver? Is that true? I hope someone will send me some addresses of skateparks in Vancouver with vert-ramps. (greetings to rollergirl - I will call you if I arrive in Vancouver!). In the moment I
: : am skating less: One time every couple of weeks! I
: : hope I will find a vert-ramp nearby Zürich. Maybe it is getting better in Vancouver. Regards to all of you, especially to some old Rolerskaters like Klaus Dieter, Olaf, Beule, Rene, Tim etc.
: :
: : 30 and older - and still coping! (regards to Chris Eggers!! ;-))))
: :
M: : So long, skate and have fun!
: : Danial If you make it to the greatnorthwest and cant find a vertramp let me know I can direct you to a couple of nice ones just south of Vancover. Mike
Mike, Post some pics of these ramps..pleez
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