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Old Video of Me
I don't think I have ever shared my video with you. This is me in 1992. Hehehe, just kidding. lol I am making fun of myself. I probably posted three different versions of the same video since I came on here. lol I get a couple of beers in me and just start remembering the good old days. Actually, in terms of skating, these days are way better. I know of and have skated with so many more vert skaters than I did back in the day. I met a guy yesterday from colorado telling me about a guy named Dean or Dennis? I can't remember, but he said he is sidestance and rips. It's amazing how many of us were out there and still are. With out magazine coverage and the internet most of us never knew there were actually many vert rollerskaters out there. I only knew of a few skaters back in the day. I did know of Duke Rennie and Fred Blood, but I think most older skateboarders know about them as well. I am so stoked to see so many awesome rollerskaters out there. Do you think there are many under 35 years old? Maybe in Europe, but I don't think in the U.S. and have not seen any in Australia. I know inline skating seemed inovative at the time, but do you think there is any advantage at all? I never grinded as a youngster, but I sure have fun doing it now. All of you rippers have inspired me to want to do inverts. If the shoulder ever gets better, I hope to try them one day. Oh and Jay, how is the face feeling? Your skating was excellent.
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