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Old Video of Me
Biff, I have seen video of your son and he is awesome. Do you think you might be able to bribe him to get on skates? Do you realize that most vert rollerskaters are over 35 years old and once we stop skating our sport could be done. Your son and his friends could help preserve our sport. Any chance of getting them to try it? I bet they could do things none of us could imagine. I guess it does not matter, but it would be cool to see our sport continue on and grow. I am sure most of us have another ten years or more, but wouldn't it be so cool to see little kids doing what we do? I want to be an old whippe snapper and tell the young groms about what us old guys used to do. How we walked 50 miles in the 120 degree weather or 10 degree weather through snow to be able to skate a bowl and how good they have it with all the new skate gear. lol
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