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The reason inlines are faster for marathon racing is due to the large wheel, 110 wheels. As far as the arguments go, I honestly dont give a fuck about adv. of inlines, they feel like skating in straight jackets. I hate hate HATE inlines but LOVE rollerskates, like really LOOOOVE rollerskates. lol. Rollerskates are way more stable. You dont NEED rediculously rigid boots but if you dig them, u can ride them if it gets you off. You dont HAVE to have such wide trucks, mine are only 3". You CAN ride skinny wheels or larger wheels if speed is your thing or ride small fat wheels if you like those better like Robert does. I ONLY ride rollerskates!!!!!! I dont even like the term quad. Thats a 4 wheel off road vehicle as far as I'm concerned. I'm not a quader, I'm a rollerskater!
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