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Inline skating has several advantages. One is that it is impossible to trip and fall forward like when rolling over an unseen obstacle such as a concrete seam or small pebble. Another would be the availability of equipment, since you can buy a pair of aggressive skates off the shelf and simply put them on. Also, sometimes roller skate wheels get tangled up and cause wheel bite which may lead to loss of balance. Falling on quads is more likely to break an ankle as well. I am starting to think that wearing inline skates at the park automatically requires that you also wear pants that are way too short for your legs, thereby requiring that you pull them down to where the belt sits around the middle of your ass. This, naturally, requires colorful undergarments to be worn in order to (hopefully) keep your ass crack from showing. This last point is definitely a big disadvantage.

The quad skate has many advantages over inline and is fun for many of the same reasons, but the way quads turn is the best part, and the adjustability of the suspension for varying weight and style preference. Oh, and it is OK to wear clothing that is actually made to fit your body while allowing the undergarments to remain 'under garments'.
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