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: Biff, I have to disagree on a few of your points:

**▼Bernhard, I replied to your thoughts below. Interspersed▼

: : Pros to inlines :
: : 1) Less friction--more speed--higher airs
: Nope. For example, René Hulgreen never regained the same height in his airs when he moved to inlines. And the likes of Raphael Sandoz remain unsurpassed. There are some inline skaters who really get some air. But that is purely athletic. Just look at their upper torsos. ;-)

**Yes. I used to do long distance outdoor marathons. I can tell you right now it IS true. Almost everyone switched to inlines BECAUSE of the lack of friction, and their times improved by leaps and bounds in all of the major long distance races!

**All 8 wheels on an inline speed skate equal the amount of road surface on just 2 wheels on a pair of quad skates. Agro inline skates usually only have 4 wheels with even less surface contact. Most likely, Rene lost height because he was more comfortable with stable quad landings than he was with the blades, which can be a bit hard to land on.

**And as to high airs........the Yasutoko brothers air out of a bowl like they have airline tickets!

: : 2) More ankle support
: That's not a question of roller skate vs. inline but rather a matter of the boots you use. In what way do the boots I use offer less ankle support?

**I'm saying that inline boots offer more support. Are you using inline boots?

**Inline boots often have multiple straps, laces, and clamps. Even quad hockey boots are not that supportive, and I know because I used to play hockey in hockey boots.

: : 3) Availability
: That's true, but it's not clear if that's an advantage. ;)

**I never said it was an advantage, I said it was a "pro", or you could call it a 'plus'. Kids will go for what they can find more easily.

: : 4) Parts easier to replace
: Very true.

**What?!! We agreed on something??!!

: : 5) No wheel bite
: I'm not sure of that. Probably you discussed this with your crew and therefore I tend to believe this.

**No, I said no wheel bite because the wheels on your right skate cannot bite into the wheels on your left skate when they come close together. I took quite a few tumbles learning to parallel skate, with wide trucks, because of this problem.

: : 6) Easier to customize skates from prefab parts
: True. But also not sure if that is an advantage.

**Once again, I never said it was an advantage, I said it was a "pro", or you could call it a 'plus'. Kids like to customize their own skates, but they tend to like it to not be so hard to do so.

: : 7) More tricks to do on ledges and rails
: Nope. It''s just that inline skaters do more tricks on ledges and rails. Which of those trick wouldn't be possible in principle on roller skates?

**I completely and strongly disagree! I do ledges and rails with my son who is on blades. There are many tricks that I cannot do because my wheels stick out and are in the way. Plus, I do not have negative plates, or soul plates. Go HERE for a list of tricks.

: My presonal preference obviously lies with roller skates, but I do prefer inlines for hockey.

**My personal preference is also quad skates. If I were to post advantages to quad skates, the list would be much longer!!!
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