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Old Video of Me
: Biff,.......I want to be an old whippe snapper and tell the young groms
: about what us old guys used to do. How we walked 50 miles in the 120
: degree weather or 10 degree weather through snow to be able to skate a
: bowl and how good they have it with all the new skate gear. lol

Robert, that is why Jay does the expose new quad skaters to vert. During one RollerCon session, in the 702 skate park, we had over 40 quad skaters present!

What we need to do is to hold similar events everywhere an old quad vert skater you! My wife wants to get an event in Austin, similar to RollerCon, and I'm down with it can do nothing less than bring more attention to our sport. I don't think trying to convert inline skaters is the answer. I think we need to convert quad skaters who rink skate to also do vert!!

My 2 cents worth.

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