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Old Video of Me
Ha!!!! Very funny.

Good points about inlines, too. I'll add my thoughts.

Pros to inlines :
1) Less friction--more speed--higher airs
2) More ankle support
3) Availability
4) Parts easier to replace
5) No wheel bite
6) Easier to customize skates from prefab parts
7) More tricks to do on ledges and rails

Cons to inlines
1) Peer pressure to not wear pads
2) Easier to have foot slide out from under you
3) Less stable wheel base
4) Skate parts wear out more quickly
5) Get called fag, fruitbooter, etc..
6) Do not get to modify & create your own custom build via your wildest imagination
7) More ways to get hurt on ledges and rails

Really and truly though, I personally think it just all boils down to what do you like more? I think either is fine, but I prefer the feel of quads.
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