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Damn! You guys are Sensitive!

Hey Kids,
I just don't like 'haters" be they discriminating against: Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Height, Weight, Eye/Hair Color, or the number of wheels under my Ass. I don't like it & I WON'T tolerate it. I'm sorry but these people pissed off the wrong guy. I'm not trying to start a 'War', Bernhard. Personally, War offends me also. However, laying down & licking das Boot just isn't in my Personality.
But, don't despair. This isn't eating me @ night or taking up THAT much of my time.....after all I haven't given any of the PsychoBoarders the satisfaction of any replies on CD, have I? No. And, believe me, I've got some Harsh but eloquently worded retorts fresh on the tip of my tongue...errrr fingers, I guess. I don't wanna riot. And I, too, don't give a Shit what anyone, let alone those dillholes think of me despite my "socially acceptable" comment on CD. I was trying to make a Point. One which they missed or were deliberately obtuse regarding. Oh well. I think the BMXers WILL incite & I WILL pursue all the legal, bureaucratic avenues at my disposal to make it less cozy for those guys.
Biff, gr8 ideas.....people were parking on (or too close to) Train Tracks when we were there.....'course so did I......but I won't do it anymore!!!
I'll be skating all the vastly Superior parks where I'm not a Pariah!

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