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Bernhard's Too Cool 4 School!

Hey Mr B. !
Thanks again for your Support AND kind words. Yes diddly = diddly-squat. :)
I'm not SO sure you'd REALLY want someone like me around in an aggressive situation though. I have a tendency to ESCALATE rather than reduce hostilities. I probably have a classic Napoleonic Complex. (I'm 5'6"....much under 2 meters tall)But I learned early as the littlest kid on the playground that "taking the high road", "not sinking down to their level", "turning the other cheek" & countless other cliches my mother threw at me designed to keep her little boy "safe" had exactly the OPPOSITE effect with the type of people who SEEK OUT the smallest kid on the playground to Fug with in the 1st place. What those thugs understand is violence....or at least the threat of same. I don't like it, but as I said previously I shall NOT lick das boot! At least not voluntarily. If I get my Ass handed to me swinging, at least I feel like I gave 'em back something.
Having said all this, I'm actually MUCH better these days. When I was younger.........Oy! Not so.....restrained.
I usually can get it out of my system through my excellent use of English both written & spoken (or occasionally screamed LOL) & the need for physical altercations has decreased dramatically with my becoming an Old Dude! But I'm not Fug'n Dead! Yet! LOL!
Seriously, I can't imagine what I'd do without the Forum & EVERYBODY with all their varied opinions & thoughts. You guys all have unique perspectives on things, whether it's from your Geographic location, life experiences or just great Genetics! Keep it up, Kids. I need the Reality Check sometimes.
A much calmer Jay
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