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Damn! You guys are Sensitive!

Hey Bernhard,
Some very salient (make you use your English Dictionary...maybe your English is ridiculously good!)Points that you've made.
No, I'm not the litigious-type. I have no intention to Sue. Anybody. My intent was to have their park overrun by BMXrs. That's all. They MAY have built it, but that doesn't give them land rights. It's Public Land. I don;t know diddly about real estate law in Germany, but in the US, once the Government owns (or claims to own) land, that's it. Ask the Native Americans. Take a look @ our Foreign Policy. USA keeps what they consider theirs. Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam....I could go on, but I think you get it.
These guys think they're the Kings of their little World. They may be, but that doesn't give them a Right to be Assholes. And, threatening me, NEVER NEVER gets the desired response. Unless that desired response is Total & Immediate Revolt against the Status Quo. I reacted Strongly, maybe even OVERreacted, but it was an HONEST reaction. And one that I felt was Justified @ the Time.
Having said that, I'm now over it. I find the act of writing. speaking, discussing cathartic. Maybe I should've just written my Post & not posted it. Or not posted it on CD. But I did. I can't undo it. I doubt if I would were I able to. I shouldered the Whole Deal on myself. The Blame, if there is any to dole out, is certainly mine & mine alone.
In my Defense (which I feel slightly Dirty having to offer) I had to jump through untold hoops with the city of Las Vegas in order to get myself PERMISSION to rollerskate in Vegas city SkateParks, including a Demo for the Parks & Rec Dept Supervisor. That "privilege" (to use public parks, funded by taxpayers, for their intended use!) is now extended to ALL rollerskaters in Vegas. I guess I was trying to do the same Service for the rollerskaters of San Diego. Clearly, those skaters don't want any help from me & that's fine. As I said, I'm over it.
It was NEVER my intent to bring any Grief, let alone Ass-Beatings, to any other rollerkater in SD or anywhere else. I also NEVER wanted to Upset my friends here on the Forum. For that, I apologize.
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